Role of the PM Series



o, how I know when it is time to start a project?
How do projects get approved?
What am I responsible for in order to ensure that the project is kicked off appropriately?

These are few of the many questions people find themselves seeking answers for when they take on the role of Project Manager. During this 4 part webinar series we will summarize roles and responsibilities you have as a Project Manager. The series start with discussions on what it takes to start and plan a project, including building the business case, the project charter, the Work Breakdown Structure (or WBS), which all required to effectively plan your project.

As a Project Manager, you must also manage the activities of many different types of stakeholders: business leaders, customers, team members, technical leads, etc. and manage the attitudes and perceptions about your project to key stakeholders, senior managers, and organizational participants in general.  Webinar 2 will  summarize the Project Manager’s responsibilities related to managing people and communication on a project, and include information on several helpful tools including the Stakeholder Analysis and the Communication Plan.

During Webinar 3 you will learn what the Project Manager must do to ensure that the project scope is fully determined, documented, managed, and approved. You will also learn how to develop and approve project requirements.

The Project Manager is responsible for managing all facets of a project, end-to-end, including the build of the product or service being developed as a result of the project, the testing of the product or service, and finally the implementation of the product or service into the production environment. Webinar 4 will cover steps the Project Manager must follow to ensure the success of the Build, Test, and Implementation phases of a project.


All webinars in this series align to the PMI Talent Triangle – Technical



Solutions Cube Group’s webinars are presented by experienced staff members and partners who have over 30 years of experience managing projects and developing and running facilitated project meetings and delivering project management training courses.

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