RFP Series



The Request For Proposal (RFP) process is critical in the successful identification and selection of the “right” vendor to partner with on many projects.  Many teams misunderstand the purpose of an RFP and view the decision to create one as an option to defining their project needs before selecting a vendor. Without communicating the “true” and full set of business needs most vendor solutions appear to be suitable and teams fail to recognize, until after contracts are signed, that the proposed solution falls short of the project needs.

During this 4 part webinar series you will learn techniques designed specifically for preparing comprehensive RFP documents and evaluating vendor responses. Students will learn how to objectively evaluate one Vendor’s proposal against another  through the use of an electronic auto-scoring RFP document that reduces the subjectivity of the RFP Evaluation process.

Techniques will be taught for evaluating the vendor as a viable business partner in addition to the vendor’s proposed solution. Students will also learn how to work with the potential vendors to close gaps between the “true” project needs and the proposed solutions before the vendor contract is signed.

The learning objectives of the RFP Series webinars are

  • Learn which key project deliverables are prerequisites for preparing the actual RFP document
  • Learn how to ensure the RFP clearly communicates what needs to be delivered by the proposed solution
  • Learn  how to build an electronic scoring document to evaluate RFP responses
  • Learn tips for discovering the vendor’s strengths, weaknesses and ability to perform as a project partner and team participant
  • Learn techniques for  uncovering the gaps in the vendor proposals which need to be closed as part of the engagement
  • Learn how to establish traceability between the vendor’s proposed solution and the project requirements


All webinars in this series align to the PMI Talent Triangle – Strategic & Business Management



Solutions Cube Group’s webinars are presented by experienced staff members and partners who have over 30 years of experience managing projects and developing and running facilitated project meetings and delivering project management training courses.

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