Project Scope Series



Many projects fail to meet the required business objective they were funded to address because there was a misunderstanding of why the project was created.  Solutions are often defined before the business requirements they are intended to satisfy are fully  understood.

Managing scope creep seems like a never ending battle as the project effort continues to expand as a result of what appears to be newly discovered requirements and solutions. Scope creep only exists for one reason on a project – the lack of a clearly defined Scope Statement to clarify the boundaries and expectations of a project and the stakeholder  buy-in  that the Scope Statement represents their needs.

During this 4 part webinar series students will learn collaborative techniques for engaging the project stakeholders in the creation of a Project Scope Statement. They learn how to  clarify the boundaries for what is in and what is out of scope for their project. They will understand how to use a Scope Statement as the framework and basis for making project decisions and enabling  the project stakeholders to clearly understand when work should be included or excluded from the project.

Learning objectives for the Project Scoping Series, include:

  • Being able to describe the 5 components of a Project Scope Statement
  • How to use the Project Scope Statement as a framework for making decisions
  • Differentiating between Business and Project Objectives
  • Creating a Context Diagram to distinguish between the Business Processes that will be changed by the project and the External Entities which must be interface with
  • Documenting the Project Assumptions  which directly influence work that is  excluded from the project scope
  • Clarifying Critical Success Factors set for the project
  • Identifying the Project Constraints which will limit how the project is executed and / or the solution which can be delivered


All webinars in this series align to the PMI Talent Triangle – Technical



Solutions Cube Group’s webinars are presented by experienced staff members and partners who have over 30 years of experience managing projects and developing and running facilitated project meetings and delivering project management training courses.

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