Management Philosophy Series



Do you know what your personal management philosophy is?

  • Are aware of how your management style and behavior affect those you are working with?
  • Do  you empower or do you intimidate people who work with you?
  • Are you able to communicate effectively in a global and virtual environment?

Many managers get bogged down in the myriad of activities, projects, meetings, people-related responsibilities, etc. which they are expected to address on a day-to-day basis. Making the right decisions at the right times is an integral part of the responsibility of being a manager.

You probably know lots of different managers, all of whom have different management styles. Some run a tight, strict ship and others are more casual. Your management style and behavior will influence performance of your team, impact communication, and affect the decision-making process.

Combine this with the fact that many of us are working in a virtual environment, with employees scattered all over the world. This fuels the need to changes in communication techniques you may have learned earlier in your career.

During this 4 part webinar series,  tools and techniques are shared for understanding, then using, your personal management philosophy to obtain the best possible performance from your team including:

  • Keys to empowering yourself as a manager and giving the right level of authority to your team members.
  • Making decisions, including unilateral and team decision making, to engage your team in the ownership of the decision making process
  • Understanding the impacts of  different management styles and behaviors
  • Managing your virtual communications using such tools as instant messaging, e-mail, and web meetings to overcome new communication barriers


All webinars in this series align to the PMI Talent Triangle – Leadership


Solutions Cube Group’s webinars are presented by experienced staff members and partners who have over 30 years of experience managing projects and developing and running facilitated project meetings and delivering project management training courses.

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