Leadership Attributes and Skills


Project Leadership vs. Project Management (Webinar 4)

Many people are project managers but few exhibit project leadership skills. Project leadership is one of the dimensions that differentiates effective project managers from non-effective project managers. Being a leader requires more than managing the mechanics of a project. Effective leaders possess certain leadership attributes and skills. Do you practice truthful, direct, and constructive communication? Do you measure team success using balanced scorecards? Do you facilitate efficient team meetings? Do you practice active listening? Do you treat everyone with courtesy and respect?

Attend this 1 hour presentation to learn how improving your project leadership is a journey of continuous improvement and starts with self assessment. Discover leadership attributes and tips for improving project leadership.

In this webinar participants learn about:

• Differences between project leadership and project management
•How to assess your project leadership skills in the area of team focus and support**
•Distinguishing characteristics and qualities of a leader and practical tips for improvement
•Practical tips for:
– truthful, direct, and constructive communication
– active listening
– treating people with courtesy and respect
•Fundamentals of balanced scorecards
•Keys to effective and efficient team meetings
•Developmental activities for sharpening your leadership attributes and skills

after viewing this webinar.

This webinar aligns to the PMI Talent Triangle – Leadership.


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