Managing Resistance to Change


Critical Role of Change Agents for Project Success (Webinar 1)

Projects create unique products, services, or results. Thus, the inevitability of change is an inescapable factor resulting from every project. Every project creates opportunities that must be seized or forever lost. Without attention to organizational change, these products, services, and results may never be used.

Join us for this 1 hour in depth presentation to learn how to increase your awareness and start to acquire the skills to manage resistance to organizational change resulting from your projects.

In this webinar participants learn about:

• Concepts of organizational change management and the differences in change versus transition
• Typical responsibilities of change agents
• How change disrupts expectations
• Reasons for and causes of resistance and how to manage resistance
• The importance of respecting differing frames of reference
• Emotional responses to change

after viewing this webinar.

This webinar aligns to the PMI Talent Triangle – Leadership.


Solutions Cube Group’s webinars are presented by experienced staff members and partners who have over 30 years of experience managing projects and developing and running facilitated project meetings and delivering project management training courses.

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