Each Facilitated Meeting is customized to enable the project team to create specific project deliverables. The Facilitated Meeting process is led by two neutral facilitators, one leading and one scribing electronically. The Facilitated Meeting content is provided solely by the participants.

To provide content and work towards consensus throughout the Facilitated Meeting.
Yes. Solutions Cube Group will determine your needs during a planning call and will adjust the Facilitated Meeting deliverables and activities to create these deliverables as necessary to meet your needs.
Solutions Cube Group Facilitated Meetings and deliverables are based on PMBOK® concepts. Our Facilitated Meetings are methodology independent. They focus on key deliverables that are recommended for creation for most projects by all methodologies.
Solutions Cube Group Facilitated Meetings incorporate many industry standards and disciplines including the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013
Contact Solutions Cube Group to schedule a planning meeting to discuss your projects needs and the methods best suited for addressing those needs.
JAD stands for Joint Application Design (aka Joint Application Development). It is a concept of collaborative development and decision making for project deliverables. It is conducted in a team setting and led by a neutral facilitator. It was created by IBM and Boeing in the late 1970s.
Solutions Cube Group offers a variety of Facilitated Meetings addressing Project Lifecycle Phases, Strategic Planning, and Decision Making. For more detailed information view our list of Facilitated Project Meetings.
All Solutions Cube Group Facilitated Meetings create outputs called “deliverables”. The deliverables are specific to each Facilitated Meeting purpose. Deliverables are created using Electronic Flip Charting (EFC) and are produced in both hard and soft copy. For more information on the deliverables for a specific Workshop, view our meetings at  Facilitated Project Meetings

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